About Chris

Chris Langston by family PoolMy name is Chris Langston and I’m passionately into anything that is related to technology and computers. I have been creating software solutions for the internet and for client applications for well over 13 years (I’m not superstitious about the #13). I’ve made a very good living for myself and for others using the skills God has blessed me with. I have worked on software projects for the largest of the fortune 500 companies to the 1 person “mom and pop” small business. I continue to seek out new challenges everyday and to stretch myself to keep learning.

Who is the REAL Chris Langston?

I have been married for 16 years to Stephanie Langston, who is my long time high school sweetheart. Stephanie is the ultimate entrepreneur along with a professional educator whose passion is about teaching Spanish. We are extremely proud to be adoptive parents to two children.  Our son, Emery who was adopted from Bogota Colombia in November of 2006 and our daughter, Maya adopted from Bogota Colombia in June 2010.

Like many of you know, a child completely changes your life and that is certainly the case for us. We are currently in the process of completing our 2nd adoption at the time of this writing. I plan to have an entire section of the website dedicated to our adoption story as it truly is worth telling.

So, Why Create This Blog?

To share, to help, to encourage just as it has been done for me. Why keep all this knowledge inside my head when it can be used for the benefit of others. I have been silent for far too long with merely taking from the community and now is time to start giving back. I will speak the entire truth on this blog as far as I see it. The opinions that I express here are mine and mine alone. I believe that God has a beautiful sense of humor and has given us all the gift to express ourselves. Hopefully we do that in such a way that brings honor and glory to Him.

Where Am I From?

I grew up a humble childhood in Georgia raise by 2 parents who completely sacrificed immensely to see that I had a better up bringing than they both had. My father, Chuck Langston, passed away in 2004 at the young age of 56 after a very short 2 week battle with cancer.  It completely took us by storm as you might expect.

I was the jock type in high school playing football, baseball and tennis. I was then and certainly am now an extrovert.  I really like to interact with people and to be social. I guess that’s one reason that I’m so drawn to the whole world of Social Media. I graduated from the University of Georgia in 1996 with a degree in Management of Information Systems. For me, I have actually used a large amount of the skills that I was taught while in college, of course having to continue to learn and adapt along the way.

Today I spend a great deal of time creating Membership websites, helping small businesses establish and grow their presence on the Internet and creating Free content for this blog. I constantly remind myself that I will live and enjoy every day to its fullest because we’ll never have another “today”.

To contact Chris, please email chris @ chrislangston dot com (replace the word dot com with the actual value, you know the spam thing)

My Family

A recent photo with the family out by the pool. Stephanie, Emery and Me.
Chris Langston by family Pool