Is it better to Give or Receive?

Giving vs. Receiving is an age old question.  I think it's something people have been wrestling with since the beginning of time and probably will for now on. Which is better? My faith and belief in Jesus Christ tells me the clear answer.  However, how can I say definitively that this is the case? I can only tell you that it is true based on the personal experiences … [Read more...]

15 Random Things about Chris

Want to know a little about the "real" me? Here I'm experimenting with an outlet to let you know a little more about me on a personal side. I really like to get to know the "real" YOU when I make contacts on facebook, twitter, this blog, so here I'm exposing the "real" ME. I flopped the SAT in high school, scoring an whopping 850. Didn’t matter, finished college … [Read more...]

The Problem Is Your Thoughts

What do you focus your thoughts on? Do you focus on the things that you want or the things that you don’t want? What You Focus On Expands I’m a HUGE believer in the expression that “What You Focus On Expands”. Don’t believe that it works? Give it a trial run with your friends, family, co-workers. Here’s what you can do. Find the ones that always seems to be … [Read more...]

Throw that Apple out of the Window?

In this article we'll compare some of the features of Apple's Mac Leopard operating system to Microsoft's Vista operating system.  I can sense the pressure is already rising in some of you looking at the headline of this article.  Let's roll-up our sleeves and take a look under the covers. It would never end the passionate debate between the die hard Mac lovers and the … [Read more...]