Is it better to Give or Receive?

Giving vs. Receiving is an age old question.  I think it’s something people have been wrestling with
since the beginning of time and probably will for now on.

Which is better?

My faith and belief in Jesus Christ tells me the clear answer.  However, how can I say definitively
that this is the case?

I can only tell you that it is true based on the personal experiences and results that I’ve seen.

Let me give you a few examples:

In 2005 when we were in the process of adopting our first child, we were faced with the delima of how to raise the needed money.

Stephanie and I sat down and asked, how we can change our lifestyle or cut out certain outflows
of cash in order to afford the adoption process?  For us, we asked should we stop Giving to our church?

Our ‘Giving’ back to God was certainly an area that we could find some extra money.    After thoughtful prayer and consideration, we felt based on our faith and beliefs that this was not the right place to start being greedy.

Our hearts told us that we would find a way to raise the necessary money.

The conclusion to this example is one that you would think I made up.

Here it is.

Seemingly from out of no where, Stephanie received a phone call from a huge corporation asking her if she would be interested in creating a curriculum that would be used by the United States Federal Government in their training of employees with learning Spanish.  If that’s not incredible enough, guess how much ‘EXTRA’ money the projected ended up bring in?

The exact amount for us to complete the adoption and to be in the country of Colombia for 2 months.

The next example happened just recently and it’s a perfect example of where ‘Giving’ without expecting anything in return really pays off.  I’ll let you decide if that’s the case.

I attend local MeetUp’s to continue to learn more and more about internet marketing.   A guy named Peter Freeman and I seemed to hit it off.  We decided to get together for lunch, so we did and we just talked for about an hour.  Peter is very ambitious and I could tell by his tone and personality that he has the ambition to be successful at anything he applies himself to.

We just chatted casually and I honestly just told him some things that I knew to be true and that had given me positive results and successes.  I find it refreshing to be able to tell people the things that you know.

About a week later, out of the blue I get a phone call from Peter telling me that he had followed some of the tips that I had given him from our lunch meeting and that he was starting to see positive results himself from his online business.    Even more cool (or I should say just as cool) than that was an email that Peter sent me that had a short video thanking me for meeting with him and he was grateful for what I had shared.

The more you GIVE, the MORE YOU RECEIVE.

You may not agree with this, but it is true for me and for everyone that I associate with.  The principle of Giving is told to be true from those with wisdom that I cannot even comprehend and in my life it has been true and it continues to prove that over and over.

Why not try it for yourself and see if you experience the same results as I have?

Share with me below how you have seen this first hand in your life to be true.



  1. Glenn says

    Hi Chris,

    Better to give or receive…a good question. A couple of my own experiences…if you will. About 3 yrs ago I was invited to go along on a real estate land deal between three investors. The meeting turned out to be a real flop. One of the investors had flown in from the midwest and wanted to purchase land for an investment housing development. it was about lunch time when the meeting end. I offered to buy the investor lunch and drive him to the airport that afternoon to catch his flight. On the way to the airport, I mentioned to him a parcel of land I knew was for sale..and the owners needed to sell. We took a few minutes and drove by the property. Upon his arrival home, he called to let me know he was going to buy that property. I congratulated him on his purchase. Two months later I received a certified check in the mail…get this…for $69,000. I thought it was some sort of joke. I called his number…he said, ” I wanted to give you a token of my appreciation for taking me to lunch, by the property, and to the airport. I bought that property at a super price and resold to a national home builder, and made a tremendous profit. I wanted to share it with you”. All for giving 3 hrs of my time to an investor I didn’t even know.

    More recently…the economy has been a nightmare for me. having lost a couple of jobs in a matter of weeks. I had been living on savings for the past 2 yrs…not able to find a full-time permanent j-o-b. My hearing I have a profound hearing loss …quit working and needed repair. Mind you insurance does not cover hearing aids…it is not a necessity..and the warranty ran out 3 weeks before they quit working. I had the opportunity to donate my time to help some folks with a church project…not my church. Someone found out from the group of the problem about my profound hearing loss. At the completion of the project … a lady came up to me whom I did not know…and gave me $800 to have my aids repaired.

    So do I believe in giving…yes, in any way I can. It may not always be money to give, but you can give of your time, to others, and I guarantee the good will return in more ways than one.


  2. says


    Thanks for sharing this. We so often think that giving has to do with finances… sure it helps from time to time, but our “TIME” is often much more valuable to others.

    I’m glad to hear how your contributions did not go unrecognized and that someone was able to do themselves the act of giving and in your case was perfectly times.


  3. Eric Fan says

    …never knew that you have a website until I read your farewell letter at IA.

    Thanks for your sharing. I completely agree that is is more blessed to give than to receive. We also happen to be adoptive parents. God provided the funding but not in such a dramatic way. As I get older, I am learning more and more how His ways are not our ways.

    May He continue to guide and nourish you and your family!


  4. says

    Hey Chris!

    Man, that is weird to type…I was doing a whois query and found your (and my) name listed. I appreciate your Christian witness and want to bless you in His Name for sharing your faith.

    I pastor a small rural church in northern California and am trying to find my way forward in the cyberspace world and hope to be able to bless other rural pastors with my experience in this process.

    I send this message with a prayer of blessing and thanksgiving for you, your family, your business and all that you hold dear in our Savior, Jesus Christ.

    Warm regards,
    Your Distant Kin?

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