The Power of the Auto Responder List

How many times have your heard… BUILD A LIST?

When I first got involved with Internet Marketing, the phase that I kept hearing over and over was “BUILD A LIST”, the “list” is critical, get people on your list, etc.  I was like sure, this is just another way to get me to spend another $30 per month on some Internet Marketing over-hyped non-sense.

I was dead WRONG.

Let me just say that I’ve found this advice to be invaluable and I’m going to repeat the same thing here in case you were mistaken as I admit I was above.  It works!

Don’t sweat the small monthly price of using a professional auto responder company as the benefits will greatly outweigh the cost.  I like to do things the lazy way and put things on “auto-pilot”. I can load up 10 to 50 auto responder messages and never think about it again.

One of the reason’s I appreciate the list or “auto responder” is that I can track exactly how effective I am with getting people’s attention and pushing the right buttons to get them to act.

I’ve experimented with a lot of subject lines and opening sentences and these tend to vary by product or service so there’s no hard and fast rule that works across industry.

In the Internet Marketing world, the phrases that I see have the highest open rate include “Please read this…”, “Thank You for…”, “IMPORTANT” and other little sneaky things you can do to make your messages stand out like including brackets “[“ around your subject.  This helps to separate your message from the noise.

What have you found to be the most effective things to put in the Subject Line to get people to open or notice your messages?



  1. Glenn says

    Hi Chris

    Since at the moment I do not have a website…so I do not use open phrases to direct to a website, etc. However, I do a lot of marketing for my offline business via e-mail. Quite often I use the following…to get the e-mail opened.

    1. Pssssst…

    2. The secret to…

    3. Are you…

    4. Do you wanna…

    Mostly speaking to and with people and…not at people. The one key I find that works well…is to write like you speak…and de grammer don’t matter much. It’s the message you wanna get across.

    And btw…I certainly use aweber.

    Hope this helps.


  2. says


    Excellent trigger words you mention… Everyone wants in on ‘the secret’ so I know that is excellent!

    I’m not done the ‘Pssssst…’, so I’ll have to give it a try in an upcoming message or 2 and test the open rate.


  3. Glenn says

    Hi Chris,

    Since we are speaking of creating a list and using aweber to send e-mails to customers or potential customers/clients, I wanted to add something that has done quite well for me in my offline business…and that is the use of video embedded in the e-mail or at the beginning of the e-mail. The clients that I work with…we usually do a 3-5 minute interview, or some exciting factor in their business that will draw in customer/client to their business. After the video…we create a text message for whatever promotion the company is promoting. It works like gang busters and the response rate is massive. I have seen my clients sales increase anywhere from 50% to over 3000%.

    Thought this might help others who may be reading your articles. it is an excellent way for local companies working with local clients, and others.

    Always moving forward !


  4. says

    Hi Chris,

    I’ve also found using a tool like to be a great way to automate tweets in a meaningful and controlled way. Setting up various “feeds” that a program like this can pull from, automatically, can really work well to keep you in front of your followers while you’re working on other opportunities.


  5. says

    Now that’s a nice tool Ken! I appreciate you sharing the useful resource. I’ll give it a try and if the tests prove successful, I’ll add a review and a recommendation to the Resources area of the website.


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