Starting a Meetup on Internet Marketing

In the past I’ve found myself being more of a consumer of other peoples information, tips and services and putting those to practice use for my own specific purposes.  I’m certainly grateful for all the useful and practice information that I’ve received.

I feel that now is the time for me to start contributing and helping others. So much has been given to me that I think it’s time that I start giving back. I talked about this in an earlier posted about ‘Giving vs. Receiving‘ if you want to see my thoughts on that.

Chris Langston Georgia Internet Marketing ExplainedWith that as one of my goals for this year and challenge to myself,
I’ve formed a local Meetup in Georgia about Internet Marketing

I’m Optimistic

I’m optimistic about the group and its potential success.

My primary goal will be to give people the tools and knowledge to help with their confidence knowing that they have what it takes to be successful online.  This does not necessarily have to include making huge amounts of money.

Measure Your Success by Your RESULTS

My experience with success is that it should not be measured solely by the amount of money you make.  Know why?  Because that is always relative.  Someone is always going to be making more than you and some will be making less.

Measure you success against yourself, against your accomplishments and feel good based on your personal results.

I plan to maintain an ongoing update on the progress and results of the Meetup.

Have you taken a step out of your comfort zone lately and done something that stretches you to be a better person?

Share your stories (oh yea, wish me luck)



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    Chris – I love your attitude and your approach! I appreciate your willingness to share your knowledge and your honesty about the possibilities in internet marketing. I like your comments about success – money isn’t everything! We all need it and we all want to make more, but satisfaction in what you do goes way beyond the money. I look forward to reading more!

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    When I was coming out of college (back in the day), I said to myself, if I could only make $20K per year, boy that would change my life. Was I ever wrong. As I’ve continued to make more and more money, I find the things most valuable to me are my memories; the experiences I’ve shared and the people I’ve been able to meet. The money does help achieve some of the things that I find important, but it has not been my ultimate goal.


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    Hey, this is a really good idea. I always find it quite lonely and hard to find other people who are doing the same thing as I’m doing. I currently live in Auckland in New Zealand and as its a small city I haven’t really come across a lot of other internet marketers…I will think about setting up a meet-up group in my area…

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